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Websites, Retainers & Consulting

We’re a team of designers, developers, media and marketing professionals, building and managing GDPR compliant Business Websites. Have it both, self-hosted and managed. Contact us to get started.


Your ideas and needs, paired with our expertise, will result in a compelling website concept.


We integrate existing or custom develop new tools of your trade, following strict coding standards.


We recommend a server setup and install the website. We’ll also manage and update it for you.


Our service portfolio is as simple as can be. We build business websites and manage them in monthly retainers. Consulting and support are always included – Request a quote for your project or just say Hello.


We aim to deliver flawless websites at all times. Should something ever slip our attention we’ll fix it quickly and free of charge. We don’t accept clients beyond our capacity and our work follows high and ever-changing standards.


Mononox is a EU-based business with a multi-faceted professional network, ready to act when needed. This model allows us to complete many projects ‘over night’, hence the name mono (single) nox (night).