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Websites, Retainers & Consulting

We’re a centralised alliance of developers, media and marketing professionals, driven by the mutual ambition to form a reliable Marketing & IT Asset to business owners, corporate staff and individuals. Need help? Contact

Our services are tailored towards businesses that want to host their own website but lack the resources to do so. We’re an extension to your own marketing and with on-going technical administration, updates, support and complete consulting we’re with you at all times. We work quick, smart and tidy, providing full documentation.


Your ideas and requirements, paired with our expertise, will result in a compelling website concept.


We custom develop or integrate the tools of your trade into your new website and test drive them.


We recommend a server setup and install the website. We’ll also manage and update it for you.


Our service portfolio is as simple as can be. We build and manage websites, migrate others and offer support and consulting from A for Analytics to Z for Zero Day Exploit. If you’re new to all of this, just say hello.


We maintain a strict code of integrity when it comes to our client’s data and our work follows high and ever-changing standards. There’s a lot of education, preparation and dedication behind all of our services.


Mononox is a EU-based business with a multi-faceted professional network, ready to act when needed. This model allows us to complete many projects ‘over night’, hence the name mono (single) nox (night).