Our descriptions are kept short because we don’t want to bore you with buzzwords and technobabble. Instead, we’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions for you below. Missing something? Let’s talk about it.

We usually require a week of prep work and another week or two for production and testing for small to medium sites and between one and three months for larger projects. 

This largely depends on how much you wish to direct and prepare. As long as you can tell us what it is that you do and how you wish to be perceived as a brand, we’re able to provide everything required to build a fully-fledged website and corporate design. We’ll meet you where you need us most and work from there.



If you’re writing your own texts and provide imagery then those will have to hold up to a certain standard.



It’s imperative you obtain all copyrights as ultimately, the website’s content is your legal responsibility.



You’re looking at several full days of prep work for small to medium sites and days to a few weeks for larger projects. Revisions rarely take more than a few hours to days.


Finishing Touches

We usually request a content draft or provide it with the design preview, which will then get finalised in a number of revision cycles until you’re fully satisfied.

Yes, we can work with existing CIs, update old ones or custom-create them from scratch.

You’ll have a whole team of talented, experienced and efficient professionals at your disposal during the project and also later during the retainer.

We have UK and US English, German, Spanish, Catalan and French native speakers available at all times. Most other languages are also available through external service providers.

Absolutely, yes. You’ll be given as many Editor accounts as you need and you’re free to change your content as you see fit. We only ask to be informed about significant changes so we don’t lose track of them.

Since GDPR came into effect it is hard for websites to justify embedding external resources. We usually advise against it and offer local alternatives if they are available and/or applicable.

We don’t. There are other companies more specialised towards it.

Our websites work on either Linux or Windows servers. Exact specifications depend on the size of the application. We recommend using a managed web host and we have a list of viable options for any budget.

Depending on the scope, we can have a basic intranet production ready in two weeks. Advanced intranets require a month and custom intranets are impossible to predict without knowing the desired features.

Building a company intranet is a lot of work. Ideally, we would get a chance to speak to every department to assess everyone’s needs and then talk to management to see how much of it is realistic, required and within budget.


Can we shortcut it? Yes, if need be but we don’t recommend doing that as “fixing it” afterwards is quite exhausting for both sides and usually more expensive. We can create modular intranets that finish one module after the other and not all at once. In many cases, that’s the way to go as we’ve got the basics pretty much ready to deploy right now.



We will require a dedicated project manager or overseer on your side, someone we can talk to who has the authority to make contractual and content changes. This can be several people of course but one needs to have the final say.



Dealing with employee data requires careful process design to maintain compliance at all times. We work with legal council to provide this to the best of our knowledge but your compliance / legal department or lawyer will have to sign off on it in the end. Just like with a website, the intranet’s content and processes will be your sole responsibility.


Openness for changes

In the process of assessing and building processes regarding new technologies and regulations, companies often come to realise their current setup is insufficient or even non-compliant. We’re asking clients to remain open-minded and walk the miles necessary to achieve 100% compliance as only then will we all be able to sleep at night.

There’s no limit to the amount of users you can add. At some point we may approach you if your hosting requires an upgrade.

Of course. We custom-build user roles and capabilities to meet your exact specifications.

Yes. We use a secure document management plugin that can protect files from unauthorised access by means of user, group or password restriction. This will prevent any external user and any internal user without the access capability to see or download the files.

Note: Backend users (Editors) are able to see all files in the media manager by default but we can create custom user roles without that capability by request.

No. Our intranets are secured in ways that would make the website inaccessible for logged out users (visitors).

We advise against it as in most cases there is no way to ensure the security of employee phones or the cost would be astronomic. We can do this though, it’s secure and suffcient for all our current clients: superpwa.com

Intranet: If you wish to host your intranet within your network, you may do so using either Linux or Windows Server(s). Exact specifications depend on the size of the application.

Extranet: We recommend using a managed web host and we have a list of viable options for any budget.

Absolutely, yes. Our websites are very high quality and sufficiently secure, however the internet itself is not so in cases where damage to your reputation or loss of revenue, let alone a breach of data could happen you just don’t want to fly blind. Our retainers are priced fairly and they offer all it takes to keep the website or intranet secure, updated and always in line with your requirements.

Always the basics, such as security, updates and backups. Other than that, as little or as much as you need.

We can, yes. Since that’s manual labour it needs to be paid for separately though or it may be included in a higher level Retainer. We’ll always offer you the least costly option.

All of our retainers are based on a monthly term. However, we can meet any desired schedule. You may cancel your retainer at any time from within your Account.

That’s fine, we’re here to support you in any way you need. Provided the scope (amount) of work doesn’t change there is nothing to do about your retainer subscription. In some cases, you may have to pay more or even less so talking to us before making any big changes is always a good idea.

In-house, we focus on what we do best: Design, Language, IT, Product Marketing and Development in many shapes and forms.


Our consultant network spans over many too many different disciplines to even list here. Ranging from IT, marketing and language to financial, legal (GDPR, VAT, TM), medical and psychological professionals. Where due they have degrees, all have experience, talent and dedication for their work.

We’re not a classic advertisement agency in terms of campaigns and large scale strategies. 


Clients often approach us with what they’ve brought back from those agencies though and we’re used to working with the materials that are typically provided by them. We’re capable to develop them further to merge with the functionality we provide.


Our main drive is to secure the online basics a company has to cover in order to compete on the market and to automate as many of its repetitive processes as possible.

We always custom-price our consulting because the nature of this service is so diverse.


To give you a rough figure:
Junior Consultant days start at €750 and Senior Consultants are available from €1500/day.


On-premise consulting requires traveling expenses to be paid. We always book our own tickets and hotels though so you’ll simply find the agreed amount on your invoice with no further effort from your side.


Depending on your needs, you may want to consider booking a consulting retainer that covers all of your consulting needs in a full-service package with predictable pricing.

We’re in no way focused on a particular industry but we happen to have a stake in the logistics and carrier industries as well as sports, beauty, talents and of course local businesses.

Our core team is based in Germany. Everyone ever getting access to your site is from our core team and they’ve all personally signed our NDA. We make use of external service providers worldwide but they only ever know and see what they need to. In addition to that, all of them sign our NDA as well.

We work on many corporate projects we cannot openly advertise because of our own privacy terms. Get in touch and we’ll show you relevant examples for your project.

Environmental and educational non-profits are a passion of ours, as is privacy conscious software. Please understand that as much as we’d like to, we simply cannot donate to everyone enquiring.

No. Since we’re only doing B2B services and most of our new clients are personal recommendations from other clients, we can’t see the benefit and hence won’t put in the time.