Our descriptions are kept short because we don’t want to bore you with buzzwords and technobabble. Instead, we’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions for you below. Missing something? Let’s talk about it.

We’re in no way focused on a particular industry but we happen to have a stake in the logistics and carrier industries as well as in sports, beauty, talents and of course many local businesses.

Our core team is based in Germany. Everyone ever getting access to your site is from our core team. We make use of external service providers worldwide but they only ever know and see what they need to. In addition to that, all of them sign our subcontractor agreement, ensuring non-disclosure and unlimited usage rights for any materials provided.

We work on many corporate projects we cannot openly advertise because of our own privacy terms. Get in touch and we’ll show you selected examples that are relevant to your own project.

We donate to several non-profits every year. Since donations are tax-deductable for us, we’re open to enquiries.

Not currently but we’re active in several professional communities.

Obviously this will depend on the amount of content that needs to be created but assuming a client already knows what they want we usually require a week of prep work and another week or two for production and testing for small to medium sites and between one and three months for larger projects. That being said, we’ve launched simple websites in as little as two hours.

This largely depends on how much you wish to direct and prepare. As long as you can tell us what it is that you do and how you wish to be perceived as a brand, we’re able to provide everything required to build a fully-fledged website and corporate design. We’ll meet you where you need us most and work from there.


If you’re writing your own texts and provide imagery then those will have to hold up to a certain standard.


It’s imperative you obtain all copyrights as ultimately, the website’s content is your legal responsibility.


You’re looking at several full days of prep work for small to medium sites and days to a few weeks for larger projects. Most companies allocate the marketing department to this task. Revisions rarely take more than a few hours to days.

Finishing Touches

We usually request a content draft or provide it with the design preview, which will then get finalised in a number of revision cycles until you’re fully satisfied.

Yes, absolutely. We provide full CI designs, including but not limited to:

  • RAL/Pantone/RGB/CMYK colour selection
  • Logo and icon design
  • Font selection and/or design
  • Templates (Office documents, business cards)
  • Corporate language & tonality guides

We have UK and US English, German, Spanish, Catalan and French native speakers available at all times. All other languages are also available through external service providers.

Absolutely, yes. You’ll be given as many Editor accounts as you need and you’re free to change your content as you see fit.

Since GDPR came into effect it is hard for websites to justify embedding external resources. We usually advise against it and offer local alternatives if they are available and/or applicable but yes, if it’s compliant we can embed it.

We don’t. There are other companies more specialised towards it.

We ask clients to purchase their own hosting so they have full control over the account and data. Usually, we recommend using a managed web host and we have a list of viable options for any budget. We then install and manage the site in an on-going Retainer.

Absolutely, yes. Our websites are of very high quality and sufficiently secure, however the internet itself is not so in cases where damage to your reputation or loss of revenue, let alone a breach of sensitive data could happen you just don’t want to fly blind. Our retainers are priced fairly and they offer all it takes to keep the website or intranet secure, updated and always in line with your requirements.

Always the basics, such as security, updates and backups. Other than that, as little or as much as you need.

 Any website retainer can be set to include changes to any extend at predictable price.

All of our retainers are based on a monthly term. However, we can meet any desired schedule. You may cancel your retainer at any time.

That’s fine, we’re here to support you in any way you need. Provided the scope (amount) of work doesn’t change there is nothing to do about your retainer subscription. In some cases, you may have to pay more or even less so talking to us before making any big changes is always a good idea.

In-house, we focus on what we do best:

  • Design
  • Language
  • Marketing
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Development in many shapes and forms.

Our network spans over too many different disciplines to even list here. Ranging from management, legal and creative to technical and scientific professions. Just ask ahead and we’ll tell you what options we have.

Yes, absolutely. You can approach us about anything releated to your online needs, our services, web design and development, compliance and we also offer comprehensive assessments and analyses. Let’s talk!

We always custom-price our consulting because the nature of this service is so diverse.

To give you a rough figure:
Junior Consultant days start at €750 and Senior Consultants are available from €1500/day.

This includes prep work and full documentation as well as room for follow-up questions.

On-premise consulting requires traveling expenses to be paid.

Depending on your needs, you may want to consider booking a consulting retainer that covers all of your consulting needs in a full-service package with predictable pricing.