Website Retainer

This Website Retainer brings you everything you need to run a successful Business Website.

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Complete Solution

This full-service Website Retainer can be as much as a stand-alone solution for your company’s website demands. Have the privacy of a self-hosted website with proper security and maintenance. For WordPress websites.


We harden the security of your website and monitor it 24/7.


WordPress, Plugins and Themes will always be updated.


We take several backups a day, encrypted and stored off-site.

Following Standards

Providing services such as ours requires us to do what any reasonable professional should do more so than what we believe is right. We adhere and adapt to industry’s best practices at all times and look ahead in development.


We’ll talke care of updating your content if you wish.


Serve your content in line with ever-changing standards.


Questions about all this? We offer road-tested advice.

Dedicated Support

Our support is self-hosted and strictly confidential. We don’t store data from your support requests longer than absolutely necessary. You can hook up as many people and departments as you need to run your Website.


Properly Managed Hosting
Our call is to leave hosting to the hosters, so we can focus on what no one else could do for us.
Exclusive Admin Access
We’re going to be the admins on your site. You can have as many editor accounts as you need.
Quality Control
This service is for websites we’ve built or those we can verify to adhere to similar standards.