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3.6 Website Project (Delivery Contact)

After closing talks and submitting initial or final content to us we’ll start building your website to our mutually agreed specifications. You will have the chance to change minor details in a pre-launch revision but substantial changes are to be seen as new content creations and will be charged separately. Further details will be outlined in a separate project agreement. All website projects will adhere to the following life-cycle.

  1. Assessment
  2. Content draft submission (optional)
  3. Design preview (First client revision)
  4. Final content submission
  5. Production (Full charge due from here)
  6. Revision (Final client revision)
  7. Approval
  8. Delivery

We will confirm every step completion with the client and only move forward upon green light. Moving back to earlier stages is not included in the project pricing and will be charged separately. We will always inform clients before any overcharges occur. The client acknowledges that refusal of overcharges may result in an incomplete final product, especially if the scope has been changed since its initial setup.